The Burned Out, Sat Down, Quieted Believer Effect

A Necessary Pain

Our goal is to mirror faithfulness to God as He has miraculously exhibited His steadfastness from the very beginning. Would God keep His promises to His people for over 2000 years and stop today? God must do what is consistent with His character. He has been and will continue to be the self-sufficient all sustaining God. With these truths, my faith is so strong that mountains are at my command. There is absolutely no good thing that God will withhold from His chosen ones that are trusting, believing, and waiting for Him. He is a faithful God. I am tired of offending God by demanding instantaneous results with fickle faith. It is time to stop having a relationship with the King, yet lacking faithfulness, and believing ability. Every day, I must remind myself that what I see is temporary, and irrelevant. What I feel is not up for discussion. What…

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