I am very worried about a Welsh Presbyterian goat farmer.   Apparently Paul Levy, the International Presbyterian Church (IPC) in Ealing, keeps goats on a farm.   And he is downloadconcerned about them.  Paul is normally a jovial sort of person but apparently I recently ‘got on his goat’ so he wrote an article about he is worried about me selling his farm. I want to reassure the London Welsh minister that he need have no fear of my getting on his goats or selling his farm – I have enough to do with my own sheep on my wee Scottish croft.

Covenant Breakers?

But he does raise some serious issues. He accuses me and my church, and presumably anyone else who does this, of being ‘covenant breakers’, conceding to the demands of the religious market place; doing things that are not in the Confession; encouraging people to neglect a biblical…

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