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[Updated from the archives.]

Anne Bogel at Modern Mrs. Darcy sat for an interview once and was asked: What are you proud of? The question stumped her:

There are so many ways to blow a question like that. There are the obvious ways: you can outright brag, which is bad, or humble brag, which is worse.

Or you can sabotage yourself in a more subtle way. Unfortunately, for women, talking about your business successes undermines your likability. It’s much safer to defer, claiming luck or circumstance as the cause of our success, rather than anything we did. Naming a professional success we’re proud of is dangerous.

It’s not that much easier for men. Tooting my own horn is no easier for me than a woman bragging about herself would be.

It might come down to what you mean by the word “pride”, though. Anne included a helpful definition.

pride: a feeling or…

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