How to be more Positive in Life According to the Bible

Becoming Christians

Do you know that you can become more positive in life by following Biblical principles? In this post, let me share with you how the Bible teaches us how to be more positive in life. Read more to find out!

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Friends, what are you thinking right now? What occupies your mind? What are the thoughts in your mind that drive you to do something? Whatever your answer is, you can’t deny the fact that your thoughts shape your reality.

As a plant could not exist without a seed, so is our action without our thoughts.

Perhaps, there are a few exemptions to that, but the truth remains; our thoughts could affect how we live our lives.

how to become positive in life

The mind as a piece of a vacant lot

Our mind is like a vacant lot. You can either cultivate it with good seed and let it produce beautiful flowers and delicious fruits…

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