Daily Prayer & Praise 4/27/2022


Prayer for Wednesday 4-27-2022

Dear Father in Heaven, we thank You that we are Your children and that Your eyes watch over us and see all that is in our hearts. You hear the request of each heart, and You will answer at the right time. Stretch out Your strong hand to us, for we are weak and often heavy-hearted, not knowing what to do nor how to find You. But You are with us in every need in spite of all our faults and shortcomings. You are with us; You lead us through everything to our life’s true goal, until each of us can rejoice over all You have done, to the praise of Your name, and Your Son’s name, Jesus. Thank You, our Father.


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Adapted from the Daily Written Prayers of Christoph Friedrich Blumhardt, 1842–1919. In Public Domain

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